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Warner Bros. Sued for $900 million over The Conjuring Franchise

Diana Jaw

The Hollywood Reporter says that Warner Brothers is facing a very serious lawsuit by an author over The Conjuring series of horror films.

Gerald Brittle says the horror movies infringe on his 1980 book The Demonologist, which tells the stories of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. In a massive 355-page amended complaint filed Wednesday in Virginia federal court, he’s upping the ante against Warner Bros., New Line Productions and director James Wan, among others.

The author claims The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle infringe on his exclusive rights to create derivative works based on the Warrens’ cases. He says, in a 1978 agreement for his book, the couple agreed to a no “competing work” provision that is still in effect. Under it, Brittle says, the Warrens aren’t allowed to make or contract any works based on the “same subject” as The Demonologist, specifically their “lives and experiences as paranormal investigators.”

Brittle is seeking nearly a billion dollars, and wants an injunction to stop the release of Annabelle 2, which is set to come out August 11. He also wants to stop any other films connected to the Warrens from being made, like the previously announced spinoff about The Conjuring 2’s demonic nun.